Wednesday, July 17, 2013

kawartha dairy - 2013 edition

Last year I had the ambitious notion that I would try every flavour on the Kawartha Dairy menu board. Boy, was I wrong! I only managed 14 flavours...but I loved every minute of it.  :)

This year I wasn't really thinking about trying the ice cream wall again, but we've been spending more time up in the Kawarthas and a few people have already asked how much Kawartha Dairy ice cream I've eaten this year, so here I am again! I'm pretty sure I won't be able to cross every flavour off the board, but I think this is a great idea to force me to try new ice cream flavours instead of eating the same one all summer long.

So far, between me and Paul, I've managed to try six flavours:

A few weeks ago, we kicked off the summer with our first trip to Kawartha Dairy (in Peterborough). I ordered the Wolf Paws, one of my favourites - "vanilla ice cream with chocolate butter fudge and soft brownie pieces" (YUM - I love brownies). Paul picked Banana Boat, "marshmallow and chocolate in a banana flavoured ice cream". Both were really great - but the banana flavouring of the Banana Boat was especially good. I never though ice cream could be so banana-y!

Our next visit to Kawartha Dairy had us craving colour! Ever since I was a kid, I've always been partial to Bordeaux Cherry (my dad's favourite). This one is described "a rich and full-flavoured cherry ice cream loaded with big pieces of sweet black Bordeaux cherries". Paul went even brighter and chose to have the kiddie-inspired Blue Bubblegum, "pink coloured gum pieces in a bubblegum flavoured ice cream with a bright blue colour". I LOVED the Bordeaux Cherry, while Paul's Blue Bubblegum was definitely bubble gum flavoured (and BLUE!), although I've never been fond of the gum pieces inside ice cream.

Finally, this past weekend, I chose to have the Mango, "a distinctive Mango colour and flavour", while Paul had his favourite flavour, Mint Chip, a "cool mint flavoured ice cream with semi sweet chocolate chips". The mango flavour was subtle, a little too subtle for my preference, but Paul was really happy with his Mint Chip.

I think we've gotten off to a pretty good start knocking off the flavours, but I'm still hoping to beat my "score" of 14 from 2012. :D

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