My name is Stephanie - welcome to my food blog, kitchen frolic!

I was born, raised and reside in Toronto, Canada. Growing up, most of my friends lived on hamburgers and french fries, but my parents were very traditionally Chinese, so I grew up eating with chopsticks at home and having lots of Chinese dishes. Now I'm all grown up (mostly) and married to an amazing guy, Paul, who's half-Italian, half-Irish and who uses chopsticks better than I do. We'll try almost anything food-wise (although I'll probably squeal and run away if you hand me anything remotely related to an insect).

We're pretty much rookies when it comes to cooking. A couple of years ago we decided that it would be in our best interest (and our budget's best interest) to learn to cook. Really cook. Not just making basic pasta dishes and re-heating frozen dinners.

Paul and I often hang out in the kitchen together, trying new recipes, which is lots of fun, but can get chaotic and messy! We know the basics now but really want to start trying more complicated recipes and making recipes more "our own".

We definitely have different cooking styles - I love my cookbooks and following recipes, while Paul likes to just "wing it" and create his own recipes. This makes for some interesting discussions while we're cooking!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


about the name "kitchen frolic"...
For us, food is all about fun and enjoyment. I know so many people who approach cooking as a "chore" but neither of us want to think that way. We want our time in the kitchen to be more than just "cooking a meal" - it should be fun, experimental, memorable, relaxing and adventurous. Hence the name - kitchen frolic. Most of the time, Paul and I are in the kitchen together, which adds to the good times, but also adds to the chaos and messiness!

what you can expect to find on this blog...
Paul and I share most of our food adventures together, but since I'm the designated writer, I'll be the one posting about our food experiences. We hope to share recipes, food photos, events and other new things we've tried, plus I'll write about food in general. We won't do many restaurant reviews, although I will talk about places we've eaten at. Once in a while (but these will be rare, I promise!), I'll throw in a more personal post, about our travels or life in general.

about us...
Neither of us are professionally trained in cooking or anything food-related, unless you count the one year of weekly home economics classes we each took in elementary school. This blog is definitely going to chronicle our struggles to become better cooks and learn more about the world of food in general.

how to get in touch with us...
You can contact me in several ways (we'd love to hear from you!):
- leave a comment on any of the posts
- email at me stephanie@kitchenfrolic.ca
- tweet me at @kitchenfrolic

the fine print...
All recipes and photographs appearing on kitchenfrolic.blogspot.com belong to us (unless otherwise stated) and should not be reproduced/redistributed without our consent, credit given to kitchen frolic and a link back to www.kitchenfrolic.ca. Thank you!