Tuesday, January 22, 2013

kitchen fiascos

Things have been a little quiet in our kitchen since the holidays - Paul got sick a couple of weeks ago and just as he started recovering, I came down with a bad bug. Which means that for the past several weeks, we were either not in the mood to cook or not in the mood to eat. Either way, it's been a lot of tea, chicken noodle soup and sleepless nights at our house.

We're both now on antibiotics and on the road (hopefully) to recovery, so hopefully we'll be back cooking up new recipes soon.

In the meantime, I thought it would be funny to look at a few of the things that went wrong in our kitchen in the past few months.

Apparently, my main problems in the kitchen seem to involve either baked things that didn't rise properly:

vanilla macaron shells
baked doughnut holes

Or things that were a little too generously filled by me, causing some minor eruptions.

mint-filled brownie cupcakes

pork potstickers

I'm hoping 2013 has more kitchen successes than failures, but it's all about learning, and no one learns perfectly the first time around, right?

I'm sure that the more we experiment in the kitchen, the more "fiascos" will happen, so there will definitely be more of these little photos to share!  :)

What about you? What small fiascos have happened to you lately?


  1. Icccchhh, kitchen fiascos can be heartbreaking, even though, yes, they really are great learnings too. My biggest, most painful kitchen fiasco is still the croissant. Man I put all my heart and soul and two days work into them and kaput. Sure put me in my place, those pastries:)

  2. Kitchen fiascos are so much more entertaining than successes. Who needs success when you can have failure? Ooh.. that sounds deep.


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