Tuesday, May 1, 2012

welcome to kitchen frolic!


My name is Stephanie - welcome to my food blog, kitchen frolic!

My day job is in corporate communications and marketing (in an industry that's as unrelated to food as you can possibly get), but I'm pretty obsessed with food the rest of the time (and sometimes while I'm at work too).

I was born, raised and reside in Toronto, Canada. Growing up, most of my friends lived on hamburgers and french fries, but my parents were very traditionally Chinese, so I grew up eating with chopsticks at home and having lots of Chinese dishes. Now I'm all grown up (mostly) and married to an amazing guy, Paul, who's half-Italian and half-Irish and who uses chopsticks better than I do. We'll pretty much try anything food-wise (although I'll probably squeal and run away if you hand me anything remotely related to an insect).

I was hesitant to start a food blog because there are already so many great (and not so great) food-related blogs out there, plus I am a real amateur in the world of food. On the other hand, I definitely needed an outlet for my food fixation and I really wanted to get back into writing. In the end, I gave in and decided to start this blog with the hope that I'm semi-interesting enough that some of you may check it out regularly and enjoy what I have to say!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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