Monday, September 23, 2013

Hot Bunzz celebrates TUMalum

One year ago, Paul and I attended our first Toronto Underground Market (TUM) and had a lot of fun, eating some really great food while we were there. Reading over my blog post from that event it's funny to remember that Paul's favourite food from that event was the Basil Beef Thai bun from Hot Bunzz because we have eaten A LOT of bunzz since then.

A few TUM vendors have gone on to launch their own bigger projects and have now become part of an elite group known as TUMalum. According to TUM's website, TUMalum are "either (1) a food vendor who started at TUM & now owns a successful & established food business OR (2) a food vendor whose development & success was directly impacted by TUM."

I have been lucky enough to be around to celebrate a few Hot Bunzz moments: we were there at their first TUM (although I didn't know it at the time) and I was invited to the launch of their first brick and mortar place inside Urban Bistro (21 St. Clair W). Well, I can now add another date to my Hot Bunzz timeline: earlier this week, I was there for a Sneak Peek (and First Bite) as they launched a special TUMalum collection to celebrate their first birthday (and TUM's second anniversary)!

For this milestone, Hot Bunzz introduced the TUM Alum Collection - "The first ever Collaboration of fellow TUM Alum friends with a lineup inspired by signature dishes stuffed into our signature Bunzz. 3 different Collaborationzz, 3 different new flavours!"

Here's the lineup:

Fidel Gastros - The B.L.T.O. aka Belly, Lettuce, Tomato, Ole!
Crispy fried pork belly in Clamato roux, topped with fresh tomato, lettuce, shaved parm and caramlelized onion aioli

La Carnita - Mole Rojo
Braised pulled chicken in mole rojo sauce, topped with Mexican crema, queso anejo and grilled pineapple salsa

Rock Lobster Co - The Spiced Sailor Bun
Fresh lobster and pears poached in Sailor Jerry’s Rum mixed with sharp cheddar. Topped with more lobster and lemon garlic aioli

p.s. I asked Mark for a photo and he made me top some BLTO buns instead (and then warned me I had to wash dishes afterwards). How do I get myself into these situations?

As usual, Mark and Mitchell knocked it out of the park and now there are even more amazing buns in their lineup (I could easily eat a dozen of those Spiced Sailor buns - it's like a wonderful, buttery Hot Bunzz twist on the lobster roll). Congratulations on an amazing year guys! Can't wait to see what the coming year has in store!

You can get your hands on these bunzz yourself at the TUM coming up on September 28.

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