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cookie calendar - day 7: shortbread cookies

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I had been Twitter-stalking SmashCake for a few months in the hopes that I would be able to attend an event where her cupcakes were sold. A few months ago, I finally got my chance when a last-minute change meant that SmashCake was going to set up shop at the Toronto Underground Market.

Ashley (the amazing baker behind SmashCake) was at TUM selling her frozen peanut butter cheesecake sandwich. Yeah, it's tastes as good as it sounds. Actually, it tastes even better than that. Plus, add the fact that Ashley is super nice and friendly and you have a recipe for a very successful dessert business that I'm 100% supporting for as long as Ashley is baking.

A really huge thank you to Ashley for taking the time to share this recipe with me, especially considering she works full-time AND is launching her business AND it's the super-busy holiday season.

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Hey! Ashley from SmashCake Desserts here, and I am SO excited to be part of Kitchen Frolic's Cookie Advent Calendar!

Cookies have become a pretty important part of my life lately, since the launch of my Frozen PB Cheesecake Cookie Sandwiches earlier this year. But, to be honest, I had never really ventured into the world of cookies much before that... as a matter of fact, cookies were sort of my weakness. I couldn't make a cookie to save my life! SERIOUSLY!? Here I am, with over 10 years of professional kitchen experience, an honours Culinary graduate, including top marks in baking, and more importantly, trying to get my baking company, SmashCake Desserts off the ground. But I can't make cookies...

I think this issue may run in the family - I have very vivid Holiday memories of "Christmas Cookie Baking Night" at my house.

One would assume that this involves the whole family for at least the decorating process. Maybe the oldest daughter would even help measure the ingredients...?

But at my house, Christmas Cookie night meant that my little brother and I were sent to our rooms until Mom was done making the cookies. Always curious about what was happening in the kitchen, I remember sneaking downstairs to see what the big secret was... As it turns out, she couldn't make cookies either, and she knew it. She would send us to our rooms to play so that we wouldn't hear the swear words coming from the kitchen as she tried to cut holiday shapes out of her famous shortbread dough.

I've included a photo of her original recipe card. I'm hoping to find time to bake a batch with her this year, swearing and all.

If you would like to see how (slash, IF) they turn out, or to follow my other projects, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@SmashCake_TO), or on Facebook (

shortbread cookies
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1 lb. butter
1 1/4 cup icing sugar
4 cup flour


Cream butter and icing sugar together until smooth.

Add flour gradually one cup at a time.

Knead for 10 to 20 minutes.

Roll out to 1/2 inch [thickness]. Cut out [cookies].

Bake at 325 degrees F for 20 to 25 minutes

Sprinkles optional.

The recipe and all photos used in this blog post belong to Ashley Akey of Smash Cake and should not be reprinted without her express permission.

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  1. Hi Kelli here, (Maker of Ashley of SmashCakes Desserts)...Yes she is correct...lots of swearing...but I did at some point finally get it right...however...they are difficult to on the original recipe you can see an arrow with the words "easy whipped" I found an easier way to have shortbread cookies in my life while being able to have kids in the kitchen at the same time..Maybe after Ashley and I attempt the dreaded Shortbread Cookies ONE LAST TIME....she can post the easy whipped shortbread recipe...Although..dont let the word "easy" fool you...they too can easily NOT turn out. That is why everyone begs me to make them every year...because THAT recipe I have down....Good Luck All...
    To Ashley...keep up the good work...I am so very proud of you and your success...xoxo Love MOM


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