Friday, November 30, 2012

the cookie advent calendar

As this is my first holiday season as a food blogger, I wanted to attempt a fun little project that incorporated a few holiday elements, plus help me along with my holiday cooking/baking.

So, after playing around with a few ideas, I finally settled on the Cookie Advent Calendar!

As a kid, I loved my Advent Calendar - opening up a little window each day to get a reward (chocolate) and I love the idea of continuing this tradition, especially once I have children. However, in the meantime, this little idea gives me some great baking ideas, lets me connect with some of my favourite online friends and hopefully, gives you some holiday ideas as well!

So, starting December 1 and continuing until December 24, I will be posting a cookie recipe here on kitchen frolic. A few are from me and Paul, but the majority are from my amazing friends - both online and real life ones. The thing I love about the selection of recipes (all of which are perfect for holiday baking) is that they're from all over - I have a few from the UK, one from Asia and of course, a good selection from Canada and the USA.

I had so much fun putting this Calendar together that I'll probably do it again next year (maybe a Cupcake Advent Calendar? A Cocktail Advent Calendar? So many possibilities!). I hope that you'll enjoy the Advent Calendar as much as I enjoyed creating it and I wanted to give a very special THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends who shared a recipe for the Calendar - I couldn't have accomplished this without your support!!!

Happy Holidays!

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