Saturday, October 20, 2012

the business of food trucks

Most people who like food and like to eat are aware of the growing trend of Food Trucks. I think my fascination with food trucks stems from my childhood memories of hearing the musical tinkling of the ice cream truck rollling down the street.

But Food Trucks are serious business and it's growing. Although many cities are now working on laws and regulations to keep the Food Truck trend in check, I think it's definitely something that will only continue to grow.

Now, I recently was sent this infographic about the business of food trucks and thought it would be cool to share it with my readers. To let you in on a secret: I'm a real sucker for infographics - they make reading facts so much more fun!

Anyhow, the information in this particular infographic is for the US only, but it's still interesting to me as I believe that the US is far ahead of Canada in the Food Truck game.

Have a look and let me know if there's anything in this infographic that surprises you!

America's Food Truck Infographic
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  1. That's cool! I'm glad now that we have Infographics - it makes us easier to read statistics and fun.

  2. The Food network shows including The Great Food Truck Race & Eat St def encouraged people to try food trucks. No wonder because it always makes me drool. I wish there were more creative ones in Canada. I believe there isn't that much in Toronto esp since there's some laws or sometime that's not flexible. Oh well, I will one day try food truck food. :P

  3. Have you thought of investing in this kind of business too? I think it’s going to be a booming business in Canada, just like in US. You can invent your own fresh and healthy recipe to sell in your food truck. Why don’t you try pizzas, smoothies, yogurts or anything that you think people there will like?

  4. I've definitely dreamt of my own food truck (or restaurant), but right now the laws in Toronto make it pretty difficult, plus I don't have any experience in food preparation, so it would take a lot of work for me personally to start one. I do have a friend who is on his way to starting one so I'm hoping to help him out and see the business from the inside soon!

  5. I remembered my son who loved buying hotdog sandwiches and ice cream on very cute food trucks that passed by his grandma’s house. I was also looking for somebody to help me find a food truck to start my own business but unfortunately, I still can’t find one. Hmm...d'you know anybody who'll be able to help me out?

    - Clint Shaff -


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