Friday, August 3, 2012

let's all go to the Ex!

Congratulations to the winners of my CNE Admission Pass giveaway! From all your comments and tweets, it looks like there's lots of interest in Bacon Nation and the other new offerings, but tradition seems to still hold sway (that, and tiny donuts).

Here are the winners and what they're looking forward to eating at the Ex this year (plus my own comments in italics):

Henry - "Would like to give Bacon Nation a try."  ~ Yes, I'm looking forward to Bacon Nation a lot too, Henry!

Tim - "It is a tradition to hit the food building first, and get a jumbo hot dog and a 99 cent spaghetti. I know that doesn't sound adventurous, but it is tradition. There are so many awesome things to check out, and I am really looking forward to the Food Truck Frenzy." ~ Ah, I've been having the annual 99 cent spaghetti at the CNE since I was a kid. With each year that passes the 99 cent price seems more and more of a deal

Ian - "Once I hit the Food Building at this year's Ex I will, as I always am, be overwhelmed with all the great gastronomic temptations! But I have a strong feeling that one of the first stops will just have to be the Tiny Tom mini donuts. Love 'em. Then it will be onto the next treat . . . I've gotta get me a great Montreal smoked meat sandwich (they have great ones there, by-the-way)."

Ann Marie - "Tiny Tims - the only time that I would pay big money for little donuts." ~ Ann Marie's comment made me laugh out loud because it's so true!

Bev - "I gotta say, when I first heard about Pull'd, I was sold!"

Thanks to everyone for entering my giveaway! It was the first time I've done anything like this on my blog so the response was really encouraging and I'll be sure to start thinking up my next contest!

See you at the Ex!

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