Saturday, June 16, 2012

food fight! macaroni and cheese - paul

As mentioned in my previous post, Paul and I had a little competition to see who could make the better macaroni and cheese - me from a cookbook recipe or him just "winging it". Needless to say, my mac and cheese turned out to be a disaster, so I was pretty sure Paul would have to go that extra mile in order to lose this Food Fight.

Paul decided to go with penne pasta for his creation and used three cheeses: a bright yellow powdered cheese we got at the Healthy Planet bulk store (think Kraft Dinner powder), Marble and (for the top crust) Romano.

But do you know when I knew for certain I would lose this battle? When he tossed this onto the counter...

What little hope I had left that I might still eke out a victory when I saw him pull out the bacon. Yes, bacon. Lovely, delicious, flavour-giving bacon. Game over.

Luckily for me (and unluckily for Paul) he didn't use enough cheese, so his mac and cheese turned out almost as bland as mine. I say almost as bland, because those flecks of bacon scattered throughout did do their best to spread some flavour through the dish. I do have to admit that his dish had a really nice crust on the top (thanks to the Romano), so that's definitely something we'd repeat again.

Food Fight! Macaroni and Cheese Winner: Paul (by a teeny, tiny bit)

Lessons learned:
- Stephanie - cookbooks with better editors and recipe testers!
- Paul - more cheese (and more bacon!)

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